Session Recording FAQ

Still have questions about the method? Hope you’ll find all the answers on this Session Recording FAQ page! 

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What is Session Recording?

Session recording is a pixel-perfect recreation of user’s actions on your website. It allows you to analyze visitor’s behavior on your pages i.e. what they click, how far dow they scroll and what elements frustrate them.

Session recording is a great tool for everyone who has a website and wants to make it user-friendly.

What are the best tools for Session Recording?

Different tools have different features, as well as different levels of analytics. It can be difficult to choose the one from the big variety of options on the market.

We compared some of the popular tools and created the ultimate list of best Session Recording tools out there to help you choose.

Is Session Recording the same as Session Replay?

Yes, Session Recording is the same thing as Session Replay. It is just another word for the method. It is a powerful UX research method that allows you to easily capture every users’ interactions with your website.

With Session replay you can record every click, scroll, and mouse movement made by your users, find out where they get lost, identify frustration points, and evaluate website heatmaps.

How does Session Recording work?

Session Recording is a rather simple process for gathering user insights.

You just add a snippet to your website that allows you to record every users’ interaction, watch the playbacks of their sessions and analyze the results with advanced analytics and heatmaps.

You should also set Privacy and Targeting rules to filter the recordings and protect user’s data.

Can I filter the users?

Yes, as well as their insights. Depending on the tool you choose, they provide up to 40 unique filters to segment users and target the desired ones.

Some tools also allow you to filter users’ actions and focus on specific insights rather then the whole session. Check out our list of best session recording tools to learn more. 

Is Session recording same as a video recording?

No, Session Recordings are pixel-perfect playback reproductions of your users’ sessions and everything they did on your website. 

While it looks like a video, it’s actually not. This matters a lot when it comes to users’ privacy. With session recordings you can be sure that no sensitive data (such as passwords etc.) will be leaked.

What about privacy?

You can manage privacy and exclude sensitive on-screen text or personal data, as well as choose the user sessions to replay. The data from your recordings is securely stored in a AWS Cloud. 

Also online session Recording tools are  GDPR and CCPA compliant, so you have nothing to worry about!

Is it targeted at specific actions?

Yes, depending on the tool you choose, Session recordings allow you to filter the users’ activity and focus on what’s important while leaving out the unuseful interactions. 

This feature is usually called Activity Tracking and is very useful in the result analysis process.

Still have questions about Session Recording?

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